You need to understand About nef digital

Nikon camcorders use NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) RAW format to maintain pics. These RAW photographs incorporate all the information taken from the camera’s messfühler, and hence are very significant. An NEF report can be written to a new recollection card in possibly compacted or ‘lossless’ compressed kind. But, these NEF records may become turn into unavailable throughout event of storage card file corruption error. Some sort of minor mistake while handling a memory card can provide surge to grave files loss situations. Thus, that is highly proposed to help take regular backup associated with NEF photos. tại đây Even so, when you face a new data reduction scenario, in absence involving a good backup, not any need to worry. The best scenarios, you can quickly go for a image healing period software.

Consider some sort of predicament, wherein, you have got some sort of Nikon camera which often stores pics in NEF format. Some day you come to a decision to shift photos by your camera’s memory to help your computer. You attach both the gadgets and while the particular transfer method is in, your camera shuts down all of a sudden soon after experiencing a battery loss.

The next time when you put in the credit card in your Nikon digital camera, it displays an miscalculation and renders all your photos inaccessible.


The sudden behavior is a good outcome of disruption around the read/write process. Inside above case, the recollection card grow to be corrupt soon after the write-process has been quit unexpectedly. The being interrupted around read/write process could also arise in numerous ways, some of them are listed below:

As soon as the memory is pulled out of the video camera while it is nonetheless on
When the memory is removed from this camera although transfer course of action can be on
When this camera shuts unexpectedly even though the idea is in the process involving writing a photography
Any time the camera is turned off immediately after clicking photos
In all the above cases, right now there are higher chances associated with memory card becoming damaged, thus leaving photos dangereux.


In you are going through problems with a new card, you should try in addition to take backup from the pics stored onto it. Soon after taking backup, you must data format this in this Nikon digicam. Formatting puts a new file-system on the card, making this recylable.

In order in order to recuperate lost NEF pics, you should either admire a backup or maybe a reliable photo restoration software. Nevertheless, you have lots associated with options obtainable on the particular Internet, assure you down load a software which stabilizes NEF files. Also, make certain you use a read-only photograph recuperation utility.

Stellar Phoenix, arizona Image Recovery is a great excellent utility which gets better lost or deleted photographs via all various storage space media including Windows/Mac hard drives, ram cards, recollection sticks, USBs, digital cams etc. This kind of photo healing period utility holds all digicam photo forms including NEF, Intel, CRW, CR2, SR2, KDC, KDR, K25, ORF, RAF and so forth